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In addition to the attractions, sights, and activities on this page, you should visit the other, additional pages with activities in the Acapulco area. Make sure to checkout the Nightlife page if you plan on going out at night!


Cliff Divers: The cliff divers, or otherwise known as Clavadistas, are quite possibly Acapulco's most popular attraction! Head on over to La Quebrada at 1:00 pm daily to see their breathtaking dives, or enjoy drinks, dinner, and a repeat show in the evening. Read more here!

Fort of San Diego: A unique, historical landmark in the town of Acapulco which overlooks the bay of Acapulco and cruise ship docks, this attraction was built in the 1600's and was rebuilt in the 18th century after an earthquake. It's now home to Acapulco's museum of history, and you can read more here!


Zocalo: This is the main, public square from the original part of Acapulco. There are many places to shop and eat here, and tourism is best on Sundays. Read more about it here!